My teaching philosophy values diversity, community, and student development. Being a first-generation college student, having experienced both urban and rural environments, community college and university settings strengthens my relatability, authenticity, and communication as a college instructor. As such, establishing the classroom as a safe and inclusive space is important to me. Therefore empathy and compassion are placed at the center of my pedagogy. It is imperative that my students feel comfortable and safe while navigating their college career. My classroom is a place in which students are encouraged to be fearless, take initiative in their own education, and to challenge themselves and each other while learning about the social and cultural patterns that structure our world. Overall, I teach in relevant and interesting ways that encourage students to learn how to apply sociological concepts to their own lives.

Much of sociology's material contains sensitive topics that can sometimes be challenging for students to digest. I encourage personal growth while students learn to evaluate the social world and how their individual space is located and experienced within the larger structural forces that make up society. Moreover, my instruction emphasizes critical analysis and data driven conversations that play out in macro and micro level real world circumstances. One way I demonstrate this to my intro students is by playing the Game of Social Life. The game simulates a multidimensional approach to understanding structural inequality. Each student is given a randomized game card with an identity that experiences barriers to advance in the game due to race, gender, ability, class difference, health/illness etc. Through the gamified experience, students are able to generate a more complex understanding of social inequality. Past encounters with this exercise have elicited positive student responses expressing a deeper understanding to how our world is structured.

Courses Taught

University of the Ozarks – Clarksville, AR

Introduction to Sociology; Social Problems; Gender, Sex, and Sexuality; Social Research Methods; Sociology of Deviance; Sociology of Gender; Race, Gender & Class; Social Theory; Senior Seminar

Colgate University – Hamilton, NY

Introduction to Sociology; Gender, Sexuality & Society; Sociology of Gender

Wayne State University – Detroit, MI

Methods of Social Research (Hybrid); Seminar: Sociology of Gender (Hybrid); Intro to Sociology (Hybrid); Seminar: Sociology of Gender (Synchronous); Intro to Sociology (Asynchronous); Intro to Sociology (face-to-face)

Selected Student Feedback

Participating in evaluation programs and professional development workshops enables me to continue to gauge student experiences and remain current with the latest strategies in effective teaching for classroom engagement, communication, and success. 

Wayne State University

Fall 2020 Introduction to Sociology

  • It very well organized and easy to understand main concept. The most I like about this course is the PPT (module) from the professor for every chapter; I believe that that really helpful. All I want to say Thank you Professor Whitney Hunt.
  • That she is doing amazing especially for online learning.
  • She is super reasonable and helpful.
  • I think my instructor has been very helpful throughout this semester, the set-up of this course was easy to follow.
  • She is extremely helpful, and She is also very responsive.
  • Even though I can't fully judge someone's personality through an online course, she seems genuine and very kind and clear with directions and what assignments are due and puts out reminders which helps a lot.
  • I am very thankful for the consistent schedule for assignments. It is unbelievably helpful for the online format.
  • That she has been doing a great job. I also like the fact of how the assignments due dates are clear.
  • Thank you for being such an understanding professor.
  • The feedback provided comes in a very timely manner which I am incredibly grateful for. The class itself has quickly grown to be one of my favorites this semester.

Seminar on the Sociology of Gender

  • This was the most interactive course that I have taken.
  • Very clear-cut learning. Learn a lot while still enjoying the material.
  • One of the best classes I've taken with one of the best professors I've had thus far!
  • I love her. She is really nice and funny person. She makes the class more interesting. Overall, I love her class and teaching style.
  • Thank you so much for how you conduct your class. I loved being a part of your class and you were a great professor. With sociology a discussion-based class is the best way to go in my opinion. I also really appreciated the guest lectures. The study guide and review games were really helpful.
  • I love that she opens up the floor for conversation and helps us learn by relating it to current events or things that are personal to us
  • I like that the instructor is very open-minded and encourages us to speak up by asking interpersonal questions which creates a collective conversation amongst the students. This is important to me because I will not speak up if I feel too anxious and this course makes me feel the complete opposite and very comfortable expressing my opinions and experiences.
  • I absolutely love how everyone is treated as equals and we are all just learning and experiencing together. Even with controversial topics nobody is looked down upon when an opinion comes up and everyone is heard with an open mind.

Colgate University

Introduction to Sociology

  • I really enjoyed the material we learned in this class. I really enjoyed Professor Hunt's teaching style and that is what kept me involved in class. I have considered taking more sociology classes in the future.
  • She always made me feel like I could be myself and express my thoughts without having anyone to judge me. I felt safe and comfortable.
  • Professor Hunt was one of my favorite professors this semester as she was compassionate towards her students. She ran her class in a way that allowed students to explore their ideas and collaborate with others and she was extremely well organized. Her assignments were very clear, and her organization never made students feel overwhelmed with work. Professor Hunt is an excellent professor.
  • Professor Hunt was very organized and prepared for every class. She did a good job facilitating discussions that began at the early time of 8:30 and managed to get many quieter students talking. She clearly knows a great deal about her field, which she exhibited with enthusiasm and passion.
  • The teaching in this course was of very high quality. Professor Hunt provides clear grading rubrics, facilitates great discussions on difficult topics, and conveys the information in useful ways using slides, videos, discussions, and engaging in-class activities.
  • I enjoyed how prepared the class was for a continual growth in discussion from the class previous. It made the class feel like a semester's long discussion.

Gender, Sex, and Society

  • Professor Hunt was a great professor. Likely one of my favorite professors that I have taken while at Colgate. She held us to a high standard and expected a lot from us, but it helped us to understand, conceptualize, and challenge the concepts from the subject matter.
  • Professor Hunt is an inspiring professor, and I can tell that she genuinely cares about each student beyond the classroom. She made herself easily accessible during office hours and encourages us to set up a meeting with her or drop by if needed. Also, Professor Hunt facilitates interesting conversations because she fosters an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking. The class is heavily discussion-based closer to the end of the semester, which I think contributed to a lot of my learning in this course.

Sociology of Gender

  • This course made me appreciate this subject matter even more and through conversations that may seem tough, I gained an understanding of this material.
  • I learned more than I originally thought I was going to in this course because of the different topics Professor Hunt went over and I learned how social media and our everyday lives impact what happens with gender. It was also a very discussion-based class which helped me understand the concepts more because I could talk through them rather than sitting there in a circle talking about them.
  • This course expanded my knowledge of gender issues in society. I felt I already had a pretty good understanding of this from previous sociology courses, however, this course dove deeper into LGBTQ and minority experiences that I hadn't necessarily heard of.
  • I understand how gender intersects with different social identities, how gender plays a role in different social environments (sports, media, employment, etc.), and also learning about how different theories apply to real-life situations.
  • Professor Hunt was such a great professor, and I enjoyed the relationship she created with the class. She made the environment feel relaxed and like a conversation with another peer, really trying to relate to us and make the class fun. She was always well prepared for class and encouraged participation from all students.
  • The quality of teaching in this course was amazing. Professor Hunt did an excellent job creating discussions and simplifying key terms down for undergrads to understand. Professor Hunt also made sure to engage everybody in the class and we watched videos that gave me more of an idea of what I was supposed to be grasping from the class. Overall, Professor Hunt was amazing, and I wish I could take another one of her classes again!
  • Professor Hunt has an assignment called Reading Responses where you have to summarize each reading of the week and tie them together with a theme. This was a GREAT exercise and helped me SOOOO much with my writing its actually insane. I thought I was a pretty good writer to begin with, but this exercise allowed me to read and process information and be able to summarize it in a way that was succinct enough but also covered a lot of ground basically like a lit review. I feel so much more confident writing them now too.
  • The professor came to class with a plan and made it clear what the day's expectations were, which was very beneficial. They were very organized and explained class projects well, while always being accessible for students that may need extra help.
  • There is so much I can say about how much I love Professor Hunt as a human being and a teacher. I couldn't believe it was only her first year here. They are an amazing addition to this department, and I see a really great mentor in her and am sad to leave because I won't be able to experience class with her again! But I'm definitely very lucky that I got the chance to. REALLY, really amazing person.

University of the Ozarks

Introduction to Sociology

  • The instructors teaching style is very open and it's a really good communication between the students and the instructor herself and it is overall very comfortable experience.
  • Very enthusiastic and communicates well.
  • She is a great professor. She is very passionate about sociology. She taught me a lot throughout the semester.
  • The instructor's teaching style is different, but good. The use of short lectures followed by reading discussions was effective.
  • The topics were very challenging
  • This course was challenging for you to think about things that you don't really want to think and it made you step out of your comfort zone so therefore it was kind of also uncomfortable to do that but in a good way

Sociology of Deviance

  • Instructors teaching styles is very informative and encouraging. Instructor made the class environment a safe space to ask questions without any judgement.
  • She was always enthusiastic. I liked that she was always good at communicating with the students and letting us know about upcoming readings or assignments we should get done. It is always very organized and that makes it easier for students to keep up with course material.
  • She really likes the subject and wants students to be involved and discuss topic related to deviance.
  • Being involved with class discussions is one of her styles, she encourages us to communicate with classmates and introduces the discussion to a class as a whole. Dr. Hunt communicates any concern or information about the class very effectively.
  • Very informative while also encouraging the class to engage in discussion.
  • Assignments were academically challenging

Race, Class, and Gender

  • Challenged my previous knowledge of the world and presented new ideas
  • I found the course challenging in the type of work we had to complete. Like coding and our qualitative analysis paper.
  • Very good teaching style with push for learning the material and applying it to the outside world.
  • Lecture style, lots of group work, enthusiastic, and heavy reading requirement.
  • Challenging while also being educational and informative.
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