My teaching philosophy values diversity, community, and student development. Being a first-generation college student, having experienced both urban and rural environments, community college and university settings strengthens my relatability, authenticity, and communication as a college instructor. As such, establishing the classroom as a safe and inclusive space is important to me. Therefore empathy and compassion are placed at the center of my pedagogy. It is imperative that my students feel comfortable and safe while navigating their college career. My classroom is a place in which students are encouraged to be fearless, take initiative in their own education, and to challenge themselves and each other while learning about the social and cultural patterns that structure our world. Overall, I teach in relevant and interesting ways that encourage students to learn how to apply sociological concepts to their own lives.

Much of sociology's material contains sensitive topics that can sometimes be challenging for students to digest. I encourage personal growth while students learn to evaluate the social world and how their individual space is located and experienced within the larger structural forces that make up society. Moreover, my instruction emphasizes critical analysis and data driven conversations that play out in macro and micro level real world circumstances. One way I demonstrate this to my intro students is by playing the Game of Social Life. The game simulates a multidimensional approach to understanding structural inequality. Each student is given a randomized game card with an identity that experiences barriers to advance in the game due to race, gender, ability, class difference, health/illness etc. Through the gamified experience, students are able to generate a more complex understanding of social inequality. Past encounters with this exercise have elicited positive student responses expressing a deeper understanding to how our world is structured.

Courses Taught

Colgate University - Hamilton, NY

Introduction to Sociology - Fall 2022

Gender, Sexuality & Society - Fall 2022 

Wayne State University - Detroit, MI 

Research Methods - Spring/Summer 2022 (Hybrid)

Seminar: Sociology of Gender - Winter 2020, 2022 (Synchronous and Traditional)

Understanding Human Society - Fall 2020, 2021 (Asynchronous and Hybrid)

Understanding Human Society - Winter 2019 (Traditional)

Monroe County Community College - Monroe, MI

Principles of Sociology - Winter 2018 (Traditional)

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI

Sociology & Society - June 2017 (invited guest lecturer), June 2020 (instructor/cancelled due to pandemic)

Selected Student Feedback

Participating in evaluation programs and professional development workshops enable me to continue to gauge student experiences and remain current with the latest strategies in effective teaching for classroom engagement, communication and success, while also encouraging student agency, critical thinking, individual development and community.

 Soc1010 Introduction to Human Society Fall 2020 (asynchronous):

  • That she is doing amazing especially for online learning.
  • She is extremely helpful, and She is also very responsive.
  • Even though I can't fully judge someone's personality through an online course, she seems genuine and very kind and clear with directions and what assignments are due and puts out reminders which helps a lot.
  • I am very thankful for the consistent schedule for assignments. It is unbelievably helpful for the online format.
  • Thank you for being such an understanding professor.

Soc4202 Seminar in the Sociology of Gender W2021 (synchronous):

  • This was the most interactive course that I have taken.
  • Very clear-cut learning. Learn a lot while still enjoying the material.
  • One of the best classes I've taken with one of the best professors I've had thus far!
  • Thank you so much for how you conduct your class. I loved being a part of your class and you were a great professor. With sociology a discussion-based class is the best way to go in my opinion. I also really appreciated the guest lectures. The study guide and review games were really helpful.
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